Should you bike during the coronavirus pandemic?

In 2020 with the World Health Organization declaring the spread of coronavirus a global pandemic - there is also a strong recommendation to isolate yourself from other people. In this article we will investigate if you should still go out for bicycle rides to boost your immune system. Before continuing please remember that this article is not written by a healthcare professional and you are advised to talk to your doctor, read the WHO and CDC ( or your local equivalent there of ) internet information This viral pandemic originated in late 2019 and has now spread to most countries around the globe by March 2020. The coronavirus otherwise known as COVID-19 spreads primarily through contact with an infected person when they cough or sneeze, or through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose. As well as through surfaces that have virus-laden droplets on them. The risk of catching this virus is high in urban areas where it is spreading and especially at large gatherings. It is thought that a person can spread the virus for 14+ days with no symptoms, therefore identifying contagious individuals may not be possible visually. Although the virus droplets are generally projected to ~1 meter ( ~3 feet) from the sick person group rides are still unadvisable, as anyone who's been hit by a snot-rocket in the past can testify. Additionally riders tend to congregate before / after rides as well as during rest stops and may project spittle in your direction during the course of regular speech. For this reason if you were to go ride outside, self-supported solo rides with as few social stops as possible ( ideally none ) are recommended as the go-to for the time being. An even better option may be to ride an indoor spin bike or placing one of your own personal bicycles into a self-training widget. In this way you can enjoy all the immune-system boosting benefits of your regular cycling regimen with none of the potentially deadly risks associated with contracting the virus. There are plenty of options for this on the market and a quick Google search will surface a ton of great deals and a variety of options. Washing your hands with soap to kill the virus and social distancing are the best measures to preventing the viruses spread. Therefore it is advised that you stay at home and channel your athletic energy through means other than a public bicycle ride. In the worst case scenario you may be infected without knowing it and with no symptoms pass the virus onto someone else on the ride. That person being elderly, with an immune system deficiency or another predisposition which significantly increases their chances of catching it from you and potentially dying. Take care of yourselves, 7 Sprocket Bicycle App Founder